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Albrau History

In Moldova, historical documents from 1402 are talking about beer produced in "sladnitele" and "povernele" under the administration of monastic settlements.

1786 - A decree of Prince Alexandru Ioan Mavrocordat, dated 1786, speaks of the existence of a "factory brewers" in Iasi where they were making three beers types "di rind, indoita si di Bavaria".

1845 - The history of the ZIMBRU brewery begins in 1845 when german local Johan Zweck was attempting to obtain authorities' approval to open a factory for producing beer "beri di acele di rand si alta o deosebita calita, precum ace din staturile Germaniei, vestita bere di Bavarie".

The factory established by Zweck received the most important investments for the purpose of modernization of equipment and technology in the period when it was sponsored by Nicu Stan. During this period it also took the name of “Zimbru”. Thus a high quality beer was obtained, recognized by both specialists and journalists of the time: "Zimbru beer is indistinguishable from Pilsen beer". Moreover, due to its quality, beer produced here is exported to Turkey, Russia, France and even Austria.

1929 - 1933 - With all the difficulties encountered due to the economic crisis of these years and the period of war, Iasi produced and consumed beer, production capacities were strengthened, machinery and technology were improved. This made the beer produced at Iasi was a highly respected and sought product.

1973 - Due to the increase of population and proportional increase in beer consumption, the only factory in Pacurari was overloaded. This meant that the construction of a new factory was required for the purpose of increasing production capacity. This resulted in the birth of the current Zimbru brewery, whose construction was began in 1973.

1991 - In 1991, the Zimbru brewery became a joint stock company and in 1992 it was privatized.

1993 - The brewery in Onesti started production.

2007 - Investment started for the construction of a new brewery in Onesti, investments continue to this moment.

The number one objective of the company is to constantly upgrade technological lines in order to increase the quality of the final product.